My love of animals started in earnest with a family dog “Bubba”. He was the only mixed colored puppy in a litter of 7 Black Labs. He was the best dog I have seen in my life. Most folks who were associated with him referred to him as Bubba the “wonder dog” because of his great disposition. He was a free spirit who loved kids, the family and even our cats. He was glad to see you return even if you just left to take out the trash. One of my favorite moments was when he came home after a romp in the adjacent field. He trotted up to the house and with all the pride and gentleness that a dog could muster proudly placed on ground in front us an unharmed baby bird that had obviously had fallen out of a tree. I can only imagine how long he had safely kept that bird in his mouth before placing it at our feet.

I am 40 years old and have lived in Chicago for the last 11 years. I have lived in many parts of the country as my parents moved a lot due to work. I had many jobs as a youth while in school. My first full time job was working for a small regional airline. I worked from a ticket taker, eventually into management and as a 21 year old represented this airline in process improvements that I developed with the other major airlines.

Eventually I decided on a career change and went into the nail business with a friend. This change lead me to managing a nail business located at the United Hub in Ohare Airport in Chicago. 9/11 had a significant impact on the airline industry and that impacted my business as well. I expanded my scope to include other nail salons and home clients in order to stay in business. During the struggle something else happened.

I was asked by some friends of mine if I would watch their dogs while they were away. I actually did it more as a favor than anything else. As time went on I really came to enjoy the company of these three dogs, as their owners, were often out of town. Kirby, Kramer, and Kate. So came the name Kirbys pet sitting.

Kirbys’s currently is comprised of myself my husband Alex and 11 other carefully chosen employees who have been selected with these critical criteria in mind honesty, dependability and love of animals.